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Oprah Could Still Run For President Despite ‘DNA’ Comment

Despite Oprah’s comment about not having the DNA to run for president, there is still a pretty good chance that she might make a 2020 run for the White House, at least according to TMZ‘s theory.

They write, “There’s a lot of buzz Oprah Winfrey will definitely NOT run for President in 2020, based on a recent interview she did … but there’s one crucial fact everyone’s leaving out.

Oprah told InStyle she doesn’t “have the DNA” to run for the White House — which seemed to shut the door on the speculation that started after her Golden Globes speech. Problem is … that “DNA” comment was made 3 weeks BEFORE the Globes.

That’s spelled out in the “In Style” article, but almost no one’s talking about that part of the story. You see the difference — Oprah clearly could have changed her mind after the response to her Globes speech.”

Even Steadman has said that she would totally do it…what do you think?

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