George Costanza painting
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for hulu)

New Seinfeld Inspired Bar Is Slated To Open In Sacramento This Month

Do you think they’ll serve pretzels, though? Costanza’s is the name of the new bar filling the space once occupied by The Distillery. According to the Sacramento Business Journal, the owner won’t say if the bar is Seinfeld-themed. But the name and their signature Can’t Stand Ya pilsner suggest that it is.

Costanza’s plans to have drink specials based on games of the week and winners of those games. And, as an homage to The Distillery, they are also planning to have karaoke and eating competitions. Originally, the owner was planning to be open in February of this year, but there were some issues with the building.

While there is no exact opening date, renovations inside are expecting to be finished in the coming weeks. There will be a full menu as well as a self-pour beer wall with 20 rotating drafts.

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