(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Milo Ventimiglia Fell In A Pool At Golden Globes After Party

‘This is Us’ star Milo Ventimiglia admits he fell into a pool at a Golden Globes after party.

A reporter for NPR tweeted a pic of the pool in which he says he thinks he saw Milo slip and fall into. “At HBO’s Golden Globes party. Believe I just saw Milo Ventimiglia from This Is Us slip and fall into the pool, which is mostly covered by open in one spot…” Eric Deggans tweeted.

Later that night, a seemingly drenched Milo posted a video on his Instagram stories saying, “Good time at the Globes tonight. Congratulations Sterling. Excited…And everyone else, great night. Back home. Studying for tomorrow…And yes, I fell in the pool.”

His Insta story vanished before I could capture it, but you can see it on here on Daily Mail.

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