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Millie Bobby Brown Deletes Twitter After Association With Anti-Gay Memes

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown deactivated her Twitter after her image was used for homophobic memes.

Users photoshopped the 14-year-old onto memes and added fake quotes on photos of her. The images made it appear as though the actress was spreading anti-LGBTQ messages.

One such meme had the caption “Good morning to everyone except gay people” over a selfie of Brown. Some of the other content got much more graphic and hateful, reports Dazed & Confused.

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The irony of this whole ordeal is that Brown is, in reality, a huge advocate and supporter for LGBTQ rights. She even started the anti-bullying Twitter account @MillieStopsHate last year to address the issue.

The young actress isn’t the first to be trolled in this fashion. A similar episode happened with Demi Lovato three years ago. Twitter users took photos of the pop singer and added captions discriminating against overweight and disabled people. As BBC News reports, Lovato also had nothing to do with the messages that were added to her pictures.

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