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Kids Cutting Class For Cubs Home Opener Run Into School Principal

A couple of student who cut class in order to go to the Chicago Cubs home opener happened to run into the school principal… who called in sick to go to the game!

Illinois Brothers Tucker and Gunner Speckman were spotted at Wrigley Stadium with a sign that read “Skipping school. Shh, don’t tell Principal Versluis.”

The boys hoped to catch the attention of a TV camera at the game to shout out their hometown, East Moline. The plan worked as the sign went viral after being retweeted by the MLB Twitter.

As it turned out, Principal Patrick Versluis, who called in sick, was also at the game. He told WQAD:

“I made a comment, to them, like ‘Hey, you guys can’t be skipping school,’ and then saw the sign.”

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The boys are good students, though. Their parents reportedly rewarded them with tickets for getting straight As.

The principal is a part of a group that shares season tickets, and he was luckily drawn for opening day. He finally said:

“Attendance is important. But, we also learn from these experiences in life. Who’s giving up opening day? Come on.”

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