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The Key To Being Healthier Is Getting The Kids To Bed Early

Sleep is important for kids. It helps them to concentrate in school, have better control over their emotions, and have a steadier appetite. Good sleep for parents is importanter though. Important-er, err, more important. It helps us think clearly.

The research actually began back in 2004. While researching sleep benefits of children and children’s bedtime, researchers discovered some extra benefits to parents. While looking at more than 10,000 families, researchers kept track of how everyone in the family slept. Everyone involved was interviewed, and had their physical and mental health evaluated. It turns out though that when the kids were put to bed earlier, not only them but their mothers had better overall health.

Here’s my favorite line from the study: “In 2017, researchers found that women who have kids are more likely to be sleep deprived.” No kidding! I remember my mother when I was growing up – she was always the last one in bed and always the first one awake. Moms go above and beyond, and I’m zero-percent surprised by the findings here. So moms, do it for yourself. Get the kids to bed and be a healthier you, and read more about the research over here.

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