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Hidden Camera Discovered In Booth At Folsom Tanning Salon

A police investigation is underway after a woman says she found a secret camera hidden in a tanning salon in Folsom.

The Folsom Sun Club customer says she noticed a device that looked like a typical phone charger plugged into the wall of the tanning booth. After checking it out a little closer, Gina Piazza realized it was actually a camera.

“She was completely disrobed and apparently the device was set directly towards her crotch.” Attorney Craig Ashton told CBS13

Salon owners say the camera belonged to a man who had been a customer of the salon for several month. He would regularly return claiming to have left his charger in the room.

“The male customer would always go to bed number 3 since November and he would leave the device and come back to pick it up the next day; it happened multiple times,” Ashton said.

Additionally, there are concerns the videos could end up on the internet.

Folsom police have reportedly searched the home of the alleged voyeur. They’re inspecting his computer and other devices for potentially more victims, but no arrests have been made.

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