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Guys Who Made Fake McDonald’s Poster Are Surprised On ‘Ellen’ [WATCH]

The two guys who went viral this summer, when they created a McDonald’s poster ad of themselves and secretly hung up the artwork in their local restaurant, are seeing their innocent prank paying off in a big way.

According to Thrillist, pranksters Jevh and Christian are the two masterminds that created the fake poster of themselves smiling and enjoying McDonald’s food. They revealed the reason they decided to pull the prank was because they noticed that their local McDonald’s had posters featuring Asian customers. The addition of their own poster to the restaurant seemingly went unnoticed for over 50 days, until their personal posts on social media, revealing their clever ruse, went viral.

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Since then, the two have seen a wealth of support for their good-natured, awareness raising prank. Two of the supporting parties have been Ellen DeGeneres and McDonald’s itself. The two friends appeared on the September 18 episode of “The Ellen Show”, where they explained the breakdown of their prank. Ellen then surprised the two with the announcement that McDonald’s will be featuring them in a future marketing campaign, as well as the surprise of $25,000 for each of them.

To read more about the two pranksters, click here.

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