Zookeeper with a Mexican red-kneed tarantula. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

GROSS! This Restaurant Has A ‘Tarantula’ Burger! [PIC]

A restaurant in Durham, North Carolina has a very interesting (read: gross) item on their menu, and it’s wildly popular! Let’s start with a picture:

Oh yes, that (in all it’s glory) is a Tarantula Burger! You can actually eat this at Bull City Burger, but, you may have to wait.

“The only way to get ahold of the eight-legged beef sandwich,” according to MyFox8.com, “is by winning the Tarantula Challenge.

The burger costs $30 and includes a pasture-raised North Carolina beef burger, gruyere cheese, an oven-roasted tarantula and spicy chili sauce.

Participants can sign up for the limited challenge in the restaurant. Then, they have to watch Facebook, Twitter and the Bull City Burger and Brewery website to see if their ticket is drawn.

If the selected participant eats the entire burger, they’ll get a free t-shirt.”

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