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Ghost Photobombs Picture The Same Day A Dead Body Was Found At That Location

In 2011, a woman named Rhynnice Trelfa enjoyed a picnic in Manchester with family and friends. While they posed for a group photo that day, it wasn’t until recently that she discovered a scary, hidden surprise in the picture…

According to The Mirror, when Trefla took a closer look at the group shot, she saw something very strange: a disembodied hand creeping behind her and her friend in the photo.

While you might think that’s Trefla’s hand reaching around, a closer look reveals both of her hands are already visible. She also swears there wasn’t anybody standing behind them when they took the photo. She explained:

“When I first discovered the abnormal hand I knew immediately that is was an unexplainable phenomenon A shuddery feeling went all over my body, I started to cry, I had a lump in my throat, goosebumps… I know absolutely that nobody was behind us. Also, another photo that was taken only seconds afterwards shows no sign of the hand.”

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However, things only get creepier. As it turns out, the place where they took the photo, Dovestones Reservoir, has a very dark history of death. Crazier still, a woman’s body was found that same day in the same part of the reservoir the photo was taken.

Finally, the ghostly hand appears to point at the man in the gray shirt with its pinky finger. Sadly, he tragically passed away only a few years after taking the photo.

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While there is no way to know for sure where that hand is coming from, it’s creepy nonetheless.

Head right here to learn more. Also, let us know if you think this is a real photo of a ghost or just another hoax.

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