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‘Get Over It’ Says Mother Of Little Boy At Center Of H&M Controversy

The mother of the little boy who modeled the now infamous sweatshirt with the words, “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” is chiming in after backlash against H&M. After the Weeknd cut all ties with the retailer and other celebrities like LeBron James chimed in calling the photo shameful, the boy’s mother is speaking out.

Terry Mango, who moved to Sweden from Nigeria, says she always accompanies her son to his modelling shoots and is blasting the public outcry on Facebook writing, “Am the mum and this is one of hundreds of outfits my son has modelled… stop crying wolf all the time, unnecessary issue here… get over it [sic].’ That commentn was met by surprise by a lot of people, so she went on to clarify by saying she doesn’t get the outcry. “Not coz am choosing not to but because it’s not my way of thinking sorry [sic]… everyone is entitled to their opinion.’

H&M was quick to remove the ad for the £7.99 jumper from its UK website quickly after news broke of the backlash. They also issued a statement apologizing to “anyone it may have offended.”

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