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Front Street Animal Shelter Posts Video Of Man Stealing Gumball Machine [VIDEO]

Front Street Animal Shelter, posted a hilarious video of a thief they’ve named the ‘gumball bandit’ to their Facebook page.

Theft is no joke, but the video is definitely funny.

The ‘gumball bandit’ broke into the shelter Friday night and was caught on camera with his face uncovered.

Front Street added subtitles to the video, mocking the thief, using the hashtag “SacramentosDumbestCriminals.

The 90 second video shows the male suspects trials and tribulations which include; breaking into the shelter to steal a gumball machine, then breaking the gumball machine, trying to fit it through a window that is obviously too small, and then tossing it over a barbed wire fence while being barked at by about 50 dogs.

The video has drawn plenty of attention and according to the Sac Bee, it has been viewed more then 30,000 times and shared more than 2,000 times within the first 2 hours of it being posted.

Let’s hope this guy gets caught soon!

Checkout the video below!


Gumball Bandit

Help catch the guy who stole a gumball machine from shelter pets – Sacramento’s dumbest criminalsThe Gumball Bandit faced many trials and tribulations when he broke into our shelter and stole our fund-raising gumball machine. But don’t feel too sorry for this candy crook, he did just steal from a shelter after all. You can help us catch him by sharing this video! Gumball.com Sacramento Police Department The Sacramento Bee

Posted by Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento on Friday, March 9, 2018

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