Actor Fred Savage. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Writers Guild of America, West)

Fred Savage Accused Of Abuse

Another day, another male start being accused of inappropriate behavior, this time it’s former child actor Fred Savage.

Yahoo reports, “Youngjoo Hwang, who was a costumer on the series, appeared in a news conference with her attorney, Anahita Sedaghatfar, where she detailed the allegations in a lawsuit against Savage and 20th Century Fox filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday. Sedaghatfar said the lawsuit charged assault, battery, gender discrimination, and gender harassment, among other things.

“From the outset of the show, Mr. Savage was aggressive toward me,” Hwang said. “He would routinely curse at me, yell at me, demean me, when all I was trying to do was my job. It became more and more stressful for me to go to work, because I was scared of the abuse and what I would have to encounter on any given day.”

Hwang alleged that other women on the set were victimized as well.”

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