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Ed Sheeran May Have Gotten Secretly Married [PICS]

Did Ed Sheeran take a page from Amy Schumer’s book and get married in secret? Many fans are starting to think so.

During Ed’s BRIT Awards performance on Monday, Feb. 19, a ring that looks a lot like a wedding band was seen on his ring finger. The Sun reports that the jewelry could be an engagement ring, especially cause Cherry is now sporting hers. However, many are speculating that the couple may have already had the wedding.

Whether the couple is still engaged or now married, it’s clear the Grammy Award winner is happy. He told the audience:

“I find myself getting really excited about kitchen appliances now. I promise this song isn’t about kitchen appliances … I’m excited about wearing [glasses]. Can you believe, I’ve reached a stage in my life where I’m actually excited about my spectacles?”

Neither Ed nor his publicist have confirmed whether or not the rumors are true.

Ed and Cherry have been dating since 2015. He announced a month ago on Instagram that they were engaged.

Click here to see the picture of Ed’s ring at the BRIT Awards.

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