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Doug Reinhardt’s Wife Smeared His Blood On Herself After Hitting Him

The Hills alum Doug Reinhardt filed for divorce from his wife, Natalie Sutton, after she beat him with his own crutch. Doug claims that Natalie smeared his blood on herself afterwards to make it look like she was the victim.

Doug, who is recovering from an ACL operation, was relaxing on the couch when a drunken Natalie suddenly attacked him. She took Doug’s metal crutch and went for his head and bad knee, reports the Blast. She was arrested for assault and domestic violence.

Doug’s lawyers said that Natalie was trying to “smear Douglas’ blood on herself in an attempt to make it appear that she had suffered injuries, or in an attempt to make it appear that Douglas was somehow the aggressor.”

However, the police report claims that Natalie admitted that the blood was not hers when asked.

Natalie was taken into custody on April 28. Doug then filed for divorce on April 30.

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