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Costco Selling A5 Wagyu Beef, One Of The Most High-Quality Meats

A5 wagyu beef is considered one of the best quality and expensive meats on the planet. The great news? Costco is selling it!

The warehouse has an assortment of A5 and other wagyu variants for sale on its website. As expected, all these meats are available to buy in bulk. There are New York StripsFilet Mignons, and whole tenderloin roasts to choose from.

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Furthermore, the cuts are directly imported from Japan, reports Food Beast. Thanks to Authentic Wagyu, LLC’s relationship with USDA-approved processing facilities in Japan, the meat is now readily available to us.

So you no longer need to make a months-in-advance reservation at a restaurant to get the goods. All you need is a Costco membership and you can enjoy high-quality meat right at home!

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