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Blogger Hates Olives….A lot!

I was scanning the internet, as I am prone to do on any given afternoon and came across the funniest blog on BuzzFeed called “Let’s Talk About How Disgusting Olives Are.

Now, I am a person who likes olives. Especially kalamata…forget about it! But this blogger…not so much. Just check out some of my favorite attacks:

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who know that olives are gross, and psychopaths.

Why is olive loaf a thing? Why would you do that to bread?!

Pizza with olives on it is the worst, because you can’t pick the olives off. They’re already baked into the cheese.

Don’t even get me started on olive tapenade. Oh yeah, let’s mush all the olives together so we can spread the taste of Satan’s salty armpits across all the good-tasting food!

Needless to say…this blogger and I do not agree, but you should still take a look at his hilarious article.

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