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Backstreet Boys To Launch Their Own Tequila Brand

The Backstreet Boys are reportedly working on creating their own brand of tequila. We are so ready to have a ’90s throwback party when it releases. Need to get those classic Backstreet Boys tracks on deck – and Britney Spears while we’re at it.

The boys (men, now, maybe? “The Mainstreet Men”?) sat down with Tasting Table in Cancun recently to talk tequila. Kevin Richardson said:

“I like a good reposado or añejo.”

Nick Carter then chimed in:

“And that leads us into talking about our tequila venture that we’ll be coming out with. [We] just need to find a partner here in Mexico.”

This is going to be fire. Our one desire. Believe when we say: We want it that way.

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