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Angelina Jolie At Risk Of Losing Custody Of Her Kids

Angelina Jolie may lose custody of her kids if they don’t spend more time with Brad Pitt.

The Blast obtained court documents that stated the six children “not having a relationship with their father is harmful”. The papers continued that “it is critical that each of them have a healthy and strong relationship with their father and mother”.

Because he’s older, 16-year-old Maddox gets to choose how much time he spends with his dad.

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The documents say that Angelina has to give Brad their kids’ cellphone numbers so he can contact them. She is also not allowed to read the texts that the children exchange with their father.

The court warned Angelina: “If the minor children remain closed down to their father and depending on the circumstances surrounding this condition, it may result in a reduction of the time they spend with [Angelina] and may result in the Court ordering primary physical custody to [Brad].”

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