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Amy Schumer And Manager That Used To Date Her Husband Part Ways

Amy Schumer and her longtime manager and publicist, Carrie Byalick, parted ways. Sources say it’s because Carrie used to date Amy’s now-husband Chris Fischer.

According to Page Six, Carrie is actually the tying factor between how Chris and Amy met in the first place. Carrie helped Chris’ younger sister get a job as Amy’s assistant. Chris’ sister then introduced Amy and Chris to one another. The two tied the knot back in February.

Apparently Carrie didn’t get an invite to Amy and Chris’ wedding, either, despite their long history. However, Carrie told Page Six:

“People are always trying to make a story more interesting than reality. Our business relationship ended for many reasons, but has no connection to someone I briefly dated over a decade ago, years before I even met Amy. I couldn’t be happier for her personally and professionally, and though our working relationship ended, we remain good friends.”

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During their time together, Carrie landed Amy a number of huge deals including one with Netflix. An industry insider said:

“Carrie’s kind of a genius. She got Amy Vogue, she got her GQ — so many big things!”

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