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AAA Offering Free Ride Home For St. Patrick’s Day Partiers

St. Patrick’s day magically falls on a Saturday this year. To make sure those who consume a bit too much green beer get home safely, AAA is offering its free Tipsy Tow service.

Tipsy Tow provides free rides home and will even tow your vehicle up to 10 miles. For mileage beyond that, you’ll be charged a standard towing rate. You do not have to be a member to use the program.

Beginning Friday (tonight) at 6pm until Sunday morning at 6am, if you need a safe ride home, call call (800) AAA-HELP or (800) 222-4357.

Fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day:

  • 60 percent of Americans plan to celebrate.
  • 13 million glasses of Guinness will be served — and nearly four million cases of Irish whiskey will be consumed.
  • $5.9 billion will be spent celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year, up from last year’s record of $5.3 billion

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